Docs & Shorts is a not-for-profit association
Docs & Shorts, is the “easier-on-the-tongue” shorter name for
“Academy of Research & Production for Docs & Shorts,
Independent Cinema and Alternate Content”

It is our belief that all movies must, no matter what the format, genre, region,
language or duration, Engage. Entertain. Enlighten. Educate. Elevate. Empower.
And as they do that, they create an environment that allows their continued
existence, sustenance and growth. Supporting innovation at all times.

A networking platform for movie makers and stakeholders
of Indie Movies. Documentaries & Shorts. Alternate Content
these include Directors, Producers, Writers. Technicians
and those aspiring to be…students, trainees, apprentices.

A hub to access, communicate with and support these movie makers
for Government and policy makers
for Festival, Competition and other Event Organisers
for Funding Agencies, Distributors, Exhibitors
for Media Students and Institutions
for Equipment Manufacturers, Software & Technology Providers 

Docs & Shorts has been created to help the movie makers
keep abreast of opportunities, techniques and technology to make their movies,
introduce their movies to audiences at festivals, in theatres;
distribute and screen the movies.
advise, mentor, fund and monetise their work

Movies are a simple way to tell a story.
Good movies not only Engage and Entertain they Enlighten and Educate.
Inspire and Motivate, i.e., Elevate and Empower.

A movie is also an essential tool to record history as it happens and archive it for posterity. An audio visual introduction that facilitates putting across ideas and information, be they Elementary and Exotic. Authentic and Artistic. Familiar and Phantasmagoric.

Digital imaging has made movie making as easy as 1-2-3
it as also brought with it some inherent drawbacks and doubts.
As we try to find the long-term, sustainable solutions to questions
let us celebrate the opportunities that digital technology has brought us.

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